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Loom Vendors
Knitting without Needles

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Here we'll list loom vendors where you can purchase many different kinds of looms. From large gauge to very fine gauge. We'll update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

Loom Vendors

Dream Board
20 Inch Knitting Loom-Knitting Board/Round Loom Comb. 
  A "How-To" Video for the Knitting Loom
Order a video on round knitting loom basic and advanced techniques! 
  A B C Judd Wood Web Site
A B C Judd Wood -Round looms and knitting boards 
  Amish Loom Web Site
Amish Loom Web Site-instructions
  Babes Fiber Garden
Babes Fiber Garden-knitting board, round looms
  Bitterroot Ranch Weavables
Knitting Frames, small looms and weavables
  Cedar Hollow
Cedar Hollow 
  Cindy Albert Looms-Round & Boards
Cindy Albert Looms-Round knitting looms/Knitting Boards
  Decor Accents, Inc.
Has sets of knitting looms or kits
  Diva Crochet-Knitting board
Diva Crochet-has knitting board 
Finniwig, they have round knitting looms, etc
Hazel Rose Looms
Quality hand weaving looms. Can be used as knitting looms, too. Versatile, easy, attractive and well made.
  Hummersley Looms
Hummersley Looms-Round looms, knitting boards 
  In The Attic
In The Attic-White Looms 
  Knit A Round Loom Source
Has Knit A Round Loom 
Knitting Boards, instructions 
  Llama Junction
Llama Junction-Have round looms and knitting boards 
  Loom Room
Loom Room-Has round knitting looms 
  Loomtastic Looms
Loomtastic Looms-Two sizes in one!-Hard/soft plastic 
Has Lucets and small knitting loom 
  Noreen Crone-Findlay
Noreen Crone-Findlay Web Site 
  Pleasant Valley Toys
Pleasant Valley Toys-has knitting boards 
  Provo Craft
Provo Crafts 
Woolery-Has knitting boards
  Zumby crafts
Vendor sells looms, yarn, buttons, beads, and other looming materials 

New Items

Cindy Albert now has smaller gauge looms.

Dreamboard now has round sock looms.

Decor Accents has now added fine gauge looms.

Babe's Fiber Garden has new smaller gauge Joy Knitter with
option of end pegs. 

Happy shopping for Knitting without Needles!!