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Be a knifty knitter with rake knitting!

Hats, Hats, Hats and more Hats!

Hats, Hats, Hats and more Hats!
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Hats are really fun and easy to make!!


Here is the pattern for my Big Cuff Hat which is reverisable.

Lion Brand Thick & Quick yarn-I used one strand.
Adult size hat loom, I used In The Attic loom.
Knit the chunky braid stitch for one to six rows.
(chunky braid stitch-Wrap on four rows, knit three rows over one row)
Knit the single stitch for the rest of the hat.
(single stitch-One row over one row)
Seven to Twenty-two rows.
Remove from loom with gathering method.

This hat is a reverisable? hat. One way, it has a very puffy brim
that goes around the base of the hat. I think with the crazy fashions
that I am seeing in stores today, it fits right in style. lol
Turn the hat the other way, and it has a rolling brim at the base of
the hat. Either way, this hat is very warm around the base of your head where
your ears are. lol




Elf like hat

Purple KK knitting board

Red Heart varigated Christmas yarn

Cast on with two strands of the four ply yarn
on all the pegs like a round knitting loom.

Knit the single stitch for three-four inches.
Bring up for *cuff.

*I noted that it was not the easiest thing to bring
up the cuff. You might want to do a rolling brim.
Or the chunky braid stitch for a few rows instead.

Knit the single knit stitch until you reached the
size you want your hat, eight to nine inches for adult.

Start to decreasing now.
*On each end, and each side,
take the end loop and place it on the next loop.
So you are doing this on four places.
Knit these loops.
Knit around twice. (Two rows)
Repeat from * until you only have one loop left.

Crochet a chain tail.  Cut yarn.

Measures nine inches wide,
Fifteen inches long, chain tail five inches long.


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