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Be a knifty knitter with rake knitting!

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Here are a few patterns.

Here is a pattern you can use your mitten loom for instead of making winter items!
Yeah, for summer picnics!!

Cast ON:
Anchor yarn at tack,
wrap yarn counter clockwise around loom,
Clockwise around pegs,yarn crossing to the
inside of pegs. Like an eeeeeeeeee.
Single Knit Stitch:
Wrap on two rows.
Lift row one over row two.
Open bind off:
Lift lst stitch thru 2nd stitch,
2nd stitch thru 3rd stitch, etc.
to have a more loose binding,
crochet one or two chains between
removing stitches.

Stars N Stripes Beverage Huggers
Loom: Cindy Albert 18 (eighteen) peg Mitten Loom
Yarn: TLC, Cherry Red 2319,  White 2101 and Navy 2855 Yarn
Using Two Strands Held together
Entire pattern done in Single knit stitch
When changing colors, Start of the row is when I change colors, just start wrapping
with the new color, after I knit the row, I tied the two colors ends together and pull to the
inside, weave in ends.
Flag Pattern Design         Reverse Flag pattern Design
Cast On with Red            Cast on with Navy
Row one-two - Red         Row one-two - Navy
Change to White              Change to White
Row three-five - White      Row three-five - White
Change to Red                 Change to Navy
Row six-eight - Red          Row six-eight - Navy
Change to Navy                 Change to Red
Row nine-fifteen - Navy      Row nine-fifteen - Red
Remove with open removal method.
Zebra Red/White with Navy Design                                  Zebra Navy/White with Red Design
Cast on with One strand red and one strand white         Cast on with one strand navy and one strand white
Row One-eight- red/white Knit stitch                                 Row one-eight- navy/white Knit stitch
Change to Navy                                                                     Change to Red
Row nine-fifteen - Navy                                                         Row nine-fifteen - Red
Remove with open removal method

Rainbow Slipper/Socks

Red Heart Crayon Yarn-2 Strands

In The Attic Loom Newborn 23 peg loom

Cast on, Knit 10 rows Single Stitch.

Bring up for cuff

Knit 50 more rows, (Single Stitch) (one row over one row)

Remove from loom with gathering method.

Measures 16 inches from toe to top.

Two tone slippers with heel


Yarn: Red heart Ocean,
          Red heart Lt Periwinkle 0347
Using two strands as one.

Cast on,with ocean yarn, knit single knit stitch
for two inches, bring up for cuff.

Switch to Lt Periwinkle yarn,
knit two inches single knit stitch.

Switch to ocean yarn,
Now we are going to do the heel part.
Knitting back and forth, decreasing and increasing.
Leave long yarn ends, so can sew up any holes.

I have numbered my pegs with perm. marker, black
I would like to find something in a light color to make
it easier to read, but not sure where to find something.

Step one-wrap numbered one - twelve pegs, knit
Step two-wrap twelve-one pegs, knit
Step three-wrap two-eleven pegs, knit
Step four-wrap eleven-two pegs, knit
Step five-wrap three-ten pegs, knit
Step six-wrap ten-three pegs, knit
Step seven-wrap four-nine pegs, knit
Step eight-wrap nine-four pegs, knit
Step nine-wrap five-eight pegs, knit
Step ten-wrap eight-five pegs, knit
Step eleven-wrap six-seven pegs, knit

Now you are half way done with the heel.

Step twelve-wrap eight-five pegs, knit
Step thirdteen-wrap five-eight pegs, knit
Step fourteen-wrap nine-four pegs, knit
Step fifthteen-wrap four-nine pegs, knit
Step sixteen-wrap ten-three pegs, knit
Step seventeen-wrap three-ten pegs, knit
Step eighteen-wrap eleven-two pegs, knit
Step nineteen-wrap two-eleven pegs, knit
Step twenty-wrap twelve-one pegs, knit

Now you are done with the heel part.

Now switch back to the Lt Periwinkle yarn.

Knit five inches single knit stitch.

Switch back to Ocean yarn.

Knit one and half inches single knit stitch.

Remove with gathering method.

Sew up any holes with your long yarn ends.
Tie off, and weave in ends.

Measures ten inches in length
Cuff width-five inches
Cuff to heel-five and half inches



Chunky Dish Cloth Pattern

Measures eight inches by eight inches

I have made a dishcloth yesterday. I love short projects!! :)

Made with one strand of Sugar N Spice Cotton Yarn

Sixteen pegs or one longer side of the ten inch dreamboard

Note: if you do not have a dreamboard, you could make this on any

loom, just adjust the number of pegs, less for larger gauge.


Knit a flat piece

Row one- Single stich, one row over one row.

Row two-twenty two-Chunky Braid stitch, three rows over one.

Remove from loom with open removal method, where you crochet one

chain between loops taking off.

Single crochet around edges, I did two rows.

Bind off. weave in ends.

Have a dreamy day!